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Dedicated to Your Recovery

We are committed to continuing a tradition of fighting for our clients, throughout the Tampa Bay area, to ensure they understand their rights and provide them with peace of mind as they tackle various legal issues facing them during their lifetimes. We strive to make each client relationship meaningful and enduring by providing our clients with personal attention and comprehensive explanations as we make our way through each aspect of their cases.

We understand that most of our clients call us in the hours immediately after what could have been their first car crash or injury causing accident. They are generally scared, confused, and in pain. We believe it is our responsibility that by the end of that first phone call, you feel comfortable and confident that we will guide you through the medical and legal aspects of your case with only your best interests in mind. We pride ourselves in the fact that each decision we make throughout the case is focused on ensuring you achieve the best outcome possible.

Throughout the years, we have listened to the advice and suggestions of our clients in an effort to operate our office in a way that is most convenient for them. As a result, you will find that we have incorporated techniques for exchanging information with our clients that include anything from face to face meetings with your lawyer to text messages with case updates or appointment reminders, depending on each client's individual preferences.

Your satisfaction is our primary goal and we hope, as your case progresses, you will know that our loyalty lies squarely with our clients. We are very proud of the fact that most of our clients call us on the recommendation of their friends and family who have previously worked with our firm. There is no higher compliment for us than to know that our former clients entrust us with the responsibility of representing their loved ones.

If you have suffered an injury due to a car crash or some other type of negligence, or if you simply think you need to talk to a lawyer, call our office and allow us the opportunity to show you the type of dedication you should expect from your legal team.​

- J.D. Emory University, School of Law

- B.S. Florida State University, Marketing     

- B.A. Florida State University, Psychology

- B.A. Florida State University, Multinational Business

Janelle R. Machin

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