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An injury can change your life in an instant.

After suffering a car accident, you will immediately be faced by many unanticipated,    scary and complicated issues and you will definately have quesions like:

Let us defend your rights & recover the benefits you deserve.

​- What do I do with this damaged car sitting in my driveway? Or worse...My car was totalled and towed from the crash scene, what now?


- Should I report this crash to my insurance company? Or worse...Insurance company representatives are calling me, what should I say?

- How do I get a rental car to drive to work tomorrow? Or worse...I'm in too much pain to go to work tomorrow, how will I pay my bills if I lose wages?

- I am in pain and need to see a doctor, where should I start? Or worse...My symptoms are getting progressively worse and nothing is helping, what do I do?

- I have insurance, how can I ensure I don't owe medical bills later? Or worse...I don't understand my insurance coverage, how do I know what benefits I deserve?

- My car needed to be towed and repaired, I had to rent a car, I missed days from work, my medical bills are mounting, insurance companies are calling, I can't think through this pain that only seems to keep getting worse and none of this was my fault,



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